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We do know that there are many sites out there that are promising the world saying that their followers are 100 % real and then provide you with bot like profiles that then eventually fall off. Here at BUILDMYFOLLOWERS we have built up a very good reputation by providing organic, real followers who will stick with you. We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions we are asked on a daily basis by our clients. If your question is not answered then please email us at


YES ! They all have profile pictures, they are all being followed, they are following other people and they all have posts. They can possibly contact you if they are interested in what you have to offer. We cannot provide you our secret but what we can state is that we have been in business for a some time now, as such we have built a very large network of affiliates who will carry out certain tasks such as promote a clients link.


The only time you will lose followers is if they decided to unfollow you due to lack of interest and or different views. You will never lose a noticeable amount of followers. Again our followers are 100 % safe, 100 % real and 100 % what you pay for.


We do state that our services take up to 48 hours to be placed. In most cases they are faster than that depending on how many orders have come through within that day. No matter what happens you will receive your followers within 48 hours.

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